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Welcome to the Fen Spinner Wiki! We're a Pen Spinning wiki project aiming to create a replacement for the old UPSB Wiki. If you'd like to help contribute to this project, check out Fen Spinner Wiki:Contributing_to_Fen_Spinner_Wiki.

A good place to start is to check out the Wanted Pages to see what we're missing from our existing articles! Alternatively you can check Fen Spinner Wiki:TODO for a list of priority tasks.


Featured Content

Pen Spinning World Cup 2022

The Pen Spinning World Cup returns this year, with 13 teams and 74 participants competing.


Major articles and categories

Introduction to Pen Spinning: A guide for new spinners learning the hobby.

Pen Mods: Information on pen mods, and guides to construct them.

Pens: Information on the individual pens, markers and mechanical pencils used for either spinning or Pen Modding.

Events: Pen spinning events, both competitive and non-competitive.

Pen Spinning Communities: Details and histories of the various communities in the hobby that exist or have existed.

Notable Spinners: List of well known spinners and pen modders in the hobby.

Spinning Styles: A list of the different approaches to pen spinning and their descriptions.

Tricks: A list of the different tricks.

Theory: A description of the various theoretical aspects to Pen Spinning.